About Internet & Ethnography (Netnography)

A social listening method used to empathically analyze consumer conversations in social media and online communities. By immersing ourselves in the consumers’ conversations, we dive deep into consumers’ needs, wishes, underlying motivations and routines to uncover meaningful and context-rich insights. Building on the profound understanding of your consumers, we derive innovation opportunities and stimuli to trigger and guide your innovation process.

Outcome & Benefits

  • Empowering your consumers in dialogue-based, interactive research at eye level
  • Engaging a large number of selected consumers to gain robust and valid insights
  • Fusing qualitative and quantitative research modules based on our library of state-of-the-art tools.
  • Helping you to implement an ongoing dialog and feedback channel for a truly customer-centric approach in any phase of your innovation process.
  • Helping you to engage with your consumers via our mobile app to collect data in the moments that matter – anytime, anywhere.