Graphic, Packaging, and Industrial Design

About Graphic, Packaging, and Industrial Design

At HYVE, we believe that the visual perception of color, material, and surface in the form of interface design have an important impact on purchasing behavior. That is why when it comes to graphic, packaging, and industrial design, achieving the balance between the sense and the purpose of things is essential.

We use our experience with technologies, the latest materials, and the knowledge of customer-centered trends to focus on developing product solutions that inspire, create orientation, and offer identification. To do so, HYVE’s Interface Design is done within an interdisciplinary context to create an intuitive and visual interface that connect humans and products. Our design office has a variety of offerings in graphics. We develop concepts and solutions, from packaging and interface design right up to a product-related corporate identity. In addition, we have strong competencies in Color Material Finish (CMF). And with increasing digitalization, graphic design of software interfaces, or other control elements are increasingly important. With continuing trend research, we stay up to date and are able to forecasts future trends, increasing value provided to customers.

The visual impact of any graphics output is then analyzed and optimized through our interdisciplinary cooperation with industrial designers.

Outcome and Benefits

  • Detailed design rationale on fundamental aspects
  • Proven and tested design with multi-disciplinary teams