Business Model Innovation

About Business Model Innovation

While the technique of prototyping is common for the development of physical products, it can also be applied to put your business idea into practice. Business Model Prototyping basically applies the same approach. But instead of visualizing physical products prototyping, it involves visualizing potential business opportunities. Business model prototyping allows your organizations to explore the consequences of actions and decisions that are too costly to take in real business. The goal is to capture innovative ideas in the development process and to evaluate how the business model will perform under particular market conditions.

Our service enables companies to explore the current situation and new ideas and alternative ways of doing business while assessing their feasibility, desirability, and viability in a risk-free environment.

Together, we will build assumptions, test them, learn, and repeat the process.

Outcome & Benefits

  • Helping you to identify highly potential ideas and concepts for your future business model
  • By generating a shared understanding, we assist you in visualizing potential business ideas
  • Generate a dynamic picture of your business, including all relevant insights and assumptions
  • Providing interdisciplinary and iterative testing and development of business models
  • Assessing ideas and concepts regarding the feasibility, desirability, and viability of your business development plan.
  • Assisting you in refining value proposition of preselected concepts that suit your objectives.
  • Helping you to select consistent and promising concepts for your business.