About Crowdsourcing

After defining your objectives and expected results, our crowdsourcing process goes as follow:

  1. A kick-off workshop to define your objectives, expected results, target groups, potential risks, timing, and appropriate incentive systems starts with the relevant stakeholders and HYVE.
  2. Based on information gathered during the kick-off workshop, we select the suitable type of contest, specify concrete requirements, and discuss the essential services needed, such as recruiting, activation and community management. All are tailored to suit your specific needs and target groups.
  3. Up next, we provide a contest technology platform that fits your specifications. During this phase, our team will support you in campaign planning, recruiting, and community management.
  4. After the contest is ended, we conduct a re-evaluation of the submissions to choose shortlisted candidates. A team of a handpicked jury will select the most feasible innovations to develop into ready-to-implement concepts. HYVE also offers support during later phases through workshops, portfolio analysis, and clustering, as well as the development of implementation roadmaps.

Outcome & Benefits

  • Increasingly collaborative and innovative culture within your company
  • Creation of an innovation community with a large network of creative minds
  • Access to HYVE‘s Innovation Community with more than 7,000 members
  • Access to HYVE‘s more than 250 Power Users
  • Professional support in designing, organizing and executing idea selection methods, jury processes, and award ceremonies
  • Identification of subject-matter experts and hidden talents
  • Further development of first ideas or business proposals, graphic and product designs created by the community.
  • Evaluation, prioritization and transformation of contest output through workshops, portfolio analysis and clustering, as well as development of implementation roadmaps