Digital Innovation

About Digital Innovation

Every company needs a way to quickly capture, categorize and prioritize ideas. HYVE successfully supports the practice of ideation and thus the creative process of generating, developing and curating new ideas to form a end-to-end digital innovation. HYVE software integrates internal employees as well as external users, consumers, experts, start-ups, suppliers and universities into a participatory innovation ecosystem and thus enables the joint development of customer-centered and “intrapreneur” innovations.

Outcome and Benefits

  • Generating an audit and optimizing existing internal innovation processes, mapping these two processes into a new innovation management software
  • Providing you with an ongoing consultation and support for the process, the management, and the software
  • Helping you with faster identification and development of solutions for concrete issues
  • Setting up a configuration and implementing innovation management software.
  • Assisting you in the setting up and provision of an online community platform
  • Establishing a collaborative approach to solve complex tasks with dedicated community members
  • Introducing the integration of internal and external stakeholders (e.g., customers, experts, and suppliers) into your corporate innovation process
  • Optimizing the leverage of community interactions and the heterogeneity for specific goals of your organization
  • Helping you to teach innovation managers and supporting community management
  • Creating a vibrant, collaborative and innovation-active company culture