Bandung’s Transportation Solution

July 26, 2018

As an ever-developing city, Bandung has a reputation for its traffic congestion and public transportation. To find an innovative solution for these issue, HYVE developed a campaign through digital solutions.

3 steps were taken to ensure Bandung has the innovative solution:

  1. Utilizing as a platform, we launch a digital campaign that encourages and drive participants to submit ideas to tackle transportation issues in the city of Bandung.
  2. To ensure better reach and to cultivate as many ideas as possible, we develop a specific communication strategy.
  3. Finally, we curate submitted ideas and develop them into a feasible project in terms of the financial model and the concept, until they are ready to be adopted by the government of Bandung.

In total, there were 85 ideas submitted. We have shortlisted them for a top 10 best ideas. Together with the government of Bandung, we have selected 3 winners.

The 3 ready-to-be-adopted ideas are:

  1. Portable Traffic Light, traffic light system that could be moved to anywhere we need it.
  2. Bandung Travel Pass, an e-wallet in a form of a pre-paid card that could be used by tourists.
  3. E-bike as an Integrated Transport Support, a system where people could rent E-bike and use it to reach places that are out of public transportation service range